Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I'm participating in Jezikovnik's event Karierni dan za jezikoslovce this year. It takes place in Ljubljana on Apr 19 2017. More info on the link above. Welcome!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Some true stories from my classroom

First and foremost, the classroom is a place of learning. However, it can be so much more. It's a place of fun, laughter, love, disappointment, tears, or everything at once. And not only for the students! Here are some true stories from my classroom.

Teacher (holding a red piece of paper): "So, what colour is this again?"
Students (age 4): "Red!"

Teacher (holding a green piece of paper): "And this one?"
Students: "Green!"
Teacher (holding a purple piece of paper): "Right. And this one?"
One student: "Purple rain!!!"

Friday, 1 p. m., 8th grade
Teacher (in her  very first years of teaching): "Goodbye, I'll see you all on Monday!"
One student (quietly, but loud enough I could hear him): "How 'bout tonight?"

Student (age 5): "Katarina, what's that in your tongue?" 
Teacher: "It's called a piercing."
Student: "But why do you have it in your tongue?"
Teacher: "Well, I like it there. The same way you like yours in your ears."
Student: "That makes sense. And it's pretty."
Teacher: "Thank you."
... in a few days ...
Student: "Katarina, I've got some bad news. I asked my mom if I could have my tongue pierced like miss Katarina does but she said NO :( "

"My day" essay. It was an honest mistake but it made my day :)

9th grade
Students: "That miss Gostinčar doesn't show her age at all. Who could tell she's 40?"
(hint: my secret to not looking 40 is being 33)

My chair on April Fool's Day

Students (after a home economics lesson): "We know we can be cranky sometimes. Here, we hope this makes you feel better!" 💙